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This is where I come to get away from real life. I take my escapism very seriously. I used to have where I worked and other crap like it but I decided who really cares. I come here for caps, icons, fics, etc. LJ is great at helping to feed my obsessions.

I love to read, write fan fic, never finish most of the stories and watch tv/movies in my spare time. I also enjoying sleeping. Can't seem to get enough of it at the moment.

If you've seen my journal over the years you know I have a thing for older guys. I'm totally in love with Clark Gregg at the moment. Phil Coulson is ruling my world and OMG do Phil and Melinda make a wonderful ship.

I love shipping. I am a hopeless romantic at heart so it's only natural.

I love to talk about fandoms and related stuff so if you see any common interests please feel to friend. Obsessing with a friend is always so much fun.

A few communities I moderate.
amandaburtonfan with the most awesome angelvk - as the title says it's for actress Amanda Burton
boyd_grace with help from the lovely mightyoneslover and the fantastic datsue - Boyd and Grace love them, Trev and Sue love them too!
fridaynightsmut with BFF ;-) mightyoneslover - weekly smut every Friday like the name says
house_of_sap - my fic community
jc_brigade - a comm for Jim Carter (had to happen)
not_just_lewis again with the lovely mightyoneslover and the dear gertielawrence - All things Kevin Whately
oxford_ot3 - with bad influence ;-) duckface666 - comm for Clare Holman and Rebecca Front with generous helpings of R/L, R/J and L/J thrown in

jim loving by angelvk

shippy goodness by angelvk

number of my heart by angelvk

the distance by v.kati

so sorry by v.kati

Layout by thefulcrum
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